I&I/TIPP: Majority Believes ‘Religion Under Attack’

A majority of Americans believe religion is under attack, a new I&I/TIPP poll found.

A total of 52% said they agreed with the statement that “religion is under attack in the U.S.” But 40% of respondents said they disagreed with the statement, and about 9% said they weren’t sure, tippinsights reported Monday.

A whopping 74% of Republicans, and 44% of Democrats, agreed with the statement.

Conservatives (76%) were more inclined to agree with the statement than liberals (34%), the I&I/TIPP survey results said.

A total of 62% of Christians agreed that religion is under attack in the country. Only 44% of all “other religions” said likewise, though, as did 29% with no religion.

A large majority of Protestants (64%), Catholics (57%), Mormons (69%), and other Christian groups (67%) agreed with the statement, as did a majority of Muslims (56%).

However, only 32% of Jews and 42% of respondents belonging to the various Orthodox Christian churches agree.

“There is little question that attacks on religion have picked up in recent years, especially during the pandemic and recent riots in major American cities,” tippinsights said. full story